Dr. K.S Aulakh is highly recommended by me with my personal experience as He has given us thorough knowledge about the Diabetes and Thyroid and its causes and treatment. I am very much satisfied.

Gaurav Wadhva

Dr K.S. Aulakh is best Diabetologist.
He is very concerned to his patients.
His knowledge is very deep about diabetes. He also educate his patients how to reverse diabetes without medicines.

Sandeep Mahajan

The best doctor for diabeties. The only doctor who will help you get of medicine rather than putting you on it.
He helps you understand sugar science and how to manage and control your diabeties without medicine. Highly recommended

Narinder Sharma

Dr. Aulakh is fantastic at explaining everything to the patient. He is very kind and caring. He genuinely wants the patient to be healed from the inside out. He is not quick to give any medication without looking at the patient holistically and only then diagnosing or prescribing any medicine. I am so glad to have found him. He approached patients without judging them and explaining everything thoroughly. He works in a partnership with the patient to help them on to their journey to be cured. He doesn’t look down on anyone and is very humble. He has guided me and given the confidence that I can take back control of my health by following good balanced diet and looking at any autoimmune triggers. Thank you so much Dr Aulakh. God Bless you!


Dr. Aulakh is the best diabetes specialist who gives you personalized advice for anything diabetes related.

Just some personal facts, when I saw my doctor here in Canada he wanted to put me on medication. But then I had a video chat with Dr. Aulakh and by following his advise I was able to lower my glucose levels from 11 handle to 6 handle. (or from 200+ to 110s). and all this by just following the diet plan that Dr. Aulakh recommended. For me it took about 5 months but then I was slacking on exercises, I am sure I could have achieved results sooner if I was little more active.

Instead of starting medication at the get go, Dr. Aulakh will turn your food into medicine. For real, a call to Dr. Aulakh is the best life changing decision that you would ever make.

Very Highly Recommended.


I am immensely grateful for the guidance provided by Dr. Aulakh during our first meeting for my 6-year-old daughter with diabetes. Dr. Aulakh exhibited a remarkable blend of expertise and compassion, easing our concerns and explaining the intricacies of managing diabetes in a child. I appreciate Dr. Aulakh’s dedication to not only treating the medical aspect but also addressing the emotional well-being of our family. We feel fortunate to have found such a supportive diabetologist for our daughter, and I have complete confidence in Dr.Aulakh’s guidance for her ongoing care. Highly recommended!
He helps you understand sugar science and how to manage and control your diabeties without medicine. Highly recommended

Tajinder Sandhu

I would really like to thank Dr K S Aulakh for his guidance. My mother consulted Dr KS Aulakh and he kept a proper track of my mother’s health and sugar levels. He counselled my mother about how she has to make some changes in her lifestyles and diets. He would keep a proper track and analyse minute to minute details of her meals intake. So ultimately,without any medication and just through Dr Aulakh’s guidance,my mother’s A1C test came up resulting 6.1% which was Initially 7.2% . I can proudly say my mother was able to beat diabetes at its initial stage all because of Dr Aulakh and his counselling. 👍

Gaurav Singh Valhota

Thank you very much Dr. words are not enough for your treatment , your personality and guidance. I have been following you since last 1 and half month. My health improved a lot, I lost almost 10 kg by your diet plan without any kind of weakness. You are the best Dr who gave me confidence and actually addressed and treated my health issue properly

Ashok Chopra

I and my wife have been following the program and guidelines suggested by Dr. Aulakh for past 6 months. We have immensely benefited from his program. We have already reached our desired body weights and we stay more active and energized without having to crave for sugar and other carbohydrates.
I strongly recommend his consultation program.

Nav Singh

My journey from diabetic to non diabetic-
I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes 6 years back.

For the past few years ,I’ve been on diabetic medicines ; Metformin 1000 mg , Dapagliflozin 10mg and sitagliptin 100mg . I was able to reduce my HbA1C from 7.8 to 7.3 with 3 such diabetes medicines.

In May 2023, I visited Dr.K.S.Aulakh, My A1C was 7.3 , I followed the prog seriously as told by him. I was on low carb diet, with long intervals in between the meals and doing exercise (simple walk).
Yesterday my A1C came out to be 5.6, and that too with no medicines. I reversed my diabetes completely and now I can call myself a former diabetic. It’s not a magic, it’s a sugar science.
Big thanx to Dr K.S.Aulakh.
Keep doing good work and good wishes.

Ashok Goyal

I am Deepak Chopra , 35 years old.
I visited Dr K.S.Aulakh for my type 2 diabetes and obesity in the first week of August 23. My weight was 126 kg then.
He performed some tests and asked me to go for Fibroscan also , because of some issues in liver function tests and some other tests.
My HbA1C was 6.7
ALT (SGPT) 133
S Cholesterol 257
Triglycerides 128
C peptide (Insulin levels) It was very high, around 21 ng/ml which was 5-6 times higher than normal.
My Fibroscan picture was quite frightening
E (kPa) 13.9 (advance liver scarring)
I was advised by him to go on low carb diet , along with Intermittent fasting and regular exercise. And I followed it strictly with only once meal a day (OMAD) prog.
I visited him day before yesterday (3rd of dec)with following picture.
Weight 110 kg
( reduced 16 kg weight)
My HbA1C 6.7(before) to 6.2 (now)

ALT (SGPT) 133 (before) to 73.1(now)

AST(SGOT) 58(before) to 38(now)

S Cholesterol 257(before) to 190 (now)

Triglycerides 128(before) to 100(now)

C peptide 21(before) to 3.37(now)

My Fibroscan picture
CAP SCORE 373( before) to 314(now)

E(kPa) 13.9(before ) to 12 (now)

I am feeling a lot better than before,more active and energetic. life’s a beautiful thing and there’s so much to smile about. It’s possible only if we are healthy . I know, there is still much left to do. I was asked by Dr Aulakh, will i be able to continue this once a daily meal prog life long , I replied in yes. But he insisted on adding one more light meal in between.
“Thanks for being a great doctor who just tells it like it is. Your honesty is appreciated!”

Deepak Chopra

My mother went to see Dr. Aulakh in june 2023 at that time her HB1AC was 10.4 and now today after about 3months her HB1AC dropped to 7.4. I will highly recommend Dr. Aulakh to all suffering from Diabetes . He is pro in treating that. Thankyou so much doctor i appreciate your good work once again thanx alot.

Pawan Sharma

Hi, i am consultant Gastroenterologist working in NHS UK. I have been diabetic for last 5 years. I tried to manage my diabetes on my own with diet and Metformin. I used to discuss with Dr Aulakh about it and he emphasised on diet management and exercise. My diet went haywire on my visit to india for 6 weeks. My HBA1C went upto 10.3. I struggled to keep up my weight as well. I started strict diet as per Dr Aulakh along with exercise and with same meds- 1 metformin a day . Now after 8 weeks my Hba1c is down to 4.5. All thanks to Dr Aulakh for making me realise the importance of diet , the biochemistry behind it and helping me regain fitness and keeping me healthy

Binu Varughese

It was nice meeting Dr. Aulakh for my Diabetes and Fatty Liver reversal. He spent more then two hours on us for explaining How our life style disorder making us unhealthy. I observed He has superb energy – zeal for social wellness and very thorough in his field. I realized when patient understand seriousness of his problem with concept then reversal is possible without medicine. I also looking forward healthy body without medical support.

Sandeep Sharma

We are seeking treatment from Dr.K.S.Aulakh for my underactive thyroid gland. We struggled a lot keeping TSH in range, but in last 6 months ,it’s in perfect range.

Sandeep Bedi

HardWorking, Ethical & True Doctor.
Very Very few have these qualities
God Bless you More&Soon, Respected Dr KS Aulakh Ji. Jeeo

Sunil Kumar

Meeting with Dr k s aulakh was extremely fruitful he has vast knowledge on his subject that is reversing ur diabetes I suggest person suffering from diabetes must visit Dr aulakh for his diabetes reversal

Health EDUCATION By Dr Honey Arora

The best doctor for diabeties. The only doctor who will help you get of medicine rather than putting you on it.
He helps you understand sugar science and how to manage and control your diabeties without medicine. Highly recommended

Narinder Sharma

Doctor sahib 🙏🏻.
Rihaan is entering 4th yr nw. Though his life is challenging due to type 1 diabetes, he is making able to face n fight such challenges with ur valuable guidance and care all the tym. Many many thanks to u. May God bless u with healthy happy lyf.

Vijay Soni

Very,very genuine guidance for my weight loss journey from 84kg to 75 in just 3months.Highly recommend for all those who are looking for diabetic reversal, weight loss .

Praveen Agarwal

Dr Aulakh is really a magician also with a very deep knowledge about diabetes and we got the unbelievable result within a week from 540 to 140 sugar level thanks Dr saab thanks a lot 🙏

Tejinder Kang

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