Do you Have It?

Fatty liver is now one of the leading causes of liver failure, and one of the common reasons for liver transplantDrug abuse, alcohol or hepatitis are usually choice related things, and now the fatty liver is usually lifestyle or diet related problem. Cirrhosis, hepatitis are no longer leading cause of hepatic failure, leading cause is fatty liver disease now a days. It’s a huge medical problem.

Its risk factors are: Overweight, Type 2 diabetes and Insulin resistance. 

Symptoms: No specific symptoms, abdominal discomfort, protruding abdomen, fatigue, skin changes.


Complete metabolic panel



Alkaline phosphatase 



C peptide

US of abdomen, you can ask your radiologist. 

About fatty liver, they sometimes don’t comment on it, taking it lightly, as they are seeing those fatty streaks daily on many patients. It’s a huge huge risk factor. We think, anytime we have a problem, you have to buy something to fix that problem. You don’t need to buy a pill or powder to detoxify your liver or kidneys, and you don’t need to make some formulations at home. Human body is already doing this work for years and years. You just need to stop ingesting slow poisons. Anytime if you buy any product, it has to taste good, they add slow poisons. They are not going to kill you in a day or 2, or months or even years. But they are doing microscopic damage to your organs very slowly. You can’t feel that until it goes too far.        Just stop ingesting these slow poisons. 

Liver itself is better than any product that are available for cleansing liver and kidneys. You just need to take care of these organs by staying away from processed food and toxins. Take whole food, healthy fats and low carbs. So, the good diet along with Intermittent fasting is the most important way to detoxify your body. This is the ultimate detox.