Fatty pancreas

Fatty Pancreas is tightly linked up with obesity, insulin resistance, prediabetes and diabetes like fatty liver. It’s often ignored by doctors, or they don’t have any concern, they are least bothered.

Eating a wrong diet >being a little overweight > having a fatty liver> having a fatty pancreas > insulin resistance > Type 2 Diabetes
For years, you could have AST ALT (Liver enzymes), little bit elevated or you may have accidentally findings of fatty liver in the ultrasound, CT scan or MRI. If it says you have fatty liver, then you have fatty pancreas too in most of the cases, it’s a big warning sign.

Fatty liver and Fatty pancreas are diseases of diet and both of these conditions can be reversed by dietary changes. There is no pill for fatty liver or fatty pancreas and there is no short cut that you can take. You have to fix your diet today to reverse it. If you have fatty liver and fatty pancreas, your doctor can’t fix it. You have to fix it for yourself. Fatty liver can lead to type 2 Diabetes. Insulin resistance is a common pathway for the development of NAFLD, NAFPD (Non alcoholic Fatty pancreas disease) and diabetes. The consequence of pancreatic fat infiltration might provoke a decrease in β‐cell number and function, leading to more rapid progression to diabetes. We never talk about Fatty pancreas which could be the main reason for insulin resistance, prediabetes and diabetes.
Your liver is holding all the fats that it can hold and later it starts depositing fats in the pancreas and other organs. Liver hates having fats in cells. When more and more glucose and fructose are entering inside the liver cells than it can be stored as glycogen, liver starts converting excess sugar into fats (denovo lipogenesis).