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Dr. K.S Aulakh is highly recommended by me with my personal experience as He has given us thorough knowledge about the Diabetes and Thyroid and its causes and treatment. I am very much satisfied.

Gaurav Wadhva

Dr K.S. Aulakh is best Diabetologist.
He is very concerned to his patients.
His knowledge is very deep about diabetes. He also educate his patients how to reverse diabetes without medicines.

Sandeep Mahajan

The best doctor for diabeties. The only doctor who will help you get of medicine rather than putting you on it.
He helps you understand sugar science and how to manage and control your diabeties without medicine. Highly recommended

Narinder Sharma


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Type 2 Diabetes Prevention Seminar


Reversing Diabetes Seminar


Once you have diabetes, you will have diabetes through the rest of your life, and that’s simply not true.
Diabetes is high sugar, high insulin state.
There could be 2 ways to get the numbers down if you have diabetes.
One way is to give glucose lowering drugs, but drugs push the insulin even higher thereby worsening insulin resistance which is the root cause of type 2 diabetes. You may find your levels in range, but the disease is progressing. You start up with one drug and end up with insulin and more insulin and more insulin.
Other way out is that you cut the carbs, you cut the sugar. You bring the sugar levels down as well as the insulin levels, you reverse the disease. You handle the root cause, and when you handle the root cause, you are addressing the real problem. Now you will be taking care of glucose levels and insulin levels without the help of any drugs. (In some cases, drugs/ insulin is not optional).
You do some intermittent fasting, exercise. Periodically, cut down refined carbs and sugar which is only logical solution to reverse fatty liver and diabetes.

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Preventing And Reversing Diabetes

The biggest problem with diabetes is that it begins to attack on health before the diagnosis is actually made, in fact 1-3 decades earlier. How can we prevent a disease or complications that has already set up in before the official diagnosis is actually made. So, need of the hour is, we should look at earlier stages of diabetes then challenge is there of course to reverse the stages. Presently we focus on managing diabetes only not its reversal.
Reversing diabetes would mean that your blood sugar remains normal even though you have stopped using your diabetes medication. However, you must remember that reversing and curing are two different things. You can’t cure diabetes though, you can reverse it. Even if you have maintained normal blood sugar without the use of medications, it may still come back if you go back to your old diet.
Sugar science, now public service mission for me. You can’t say that human beings changed dramatically in one generation but some things in the environment changed, and change is our sugar consumptionWe need to intervene at individual levels, and we need to intervene at institutional levels, and we need to intervene at society levels. They are least aware of sugar science. We are asking people to change their habits in food choices. There are many lectures/CMEs on how to add medications, very few or rare lectures on how to reduce medications. There are instructions/ lectures to prescribe but not to deprescribe.
People need to understand that Insulin Resistance is the fundamental part of most chronic diseases and sooner we acknowledge its role in various diseases like Hypertension, Cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and the sooner we can detect Insulin Resistance as a cause of problem the better we can treat Insulin Resistance, Type 2 Diabetes and other chronic diseases associated with IR. Our ongoing obsession of treating only high glucose in type 2 diabetes means, over the year of patient’s life; their Insulin is climbing reflective of Insulin resistance but enough to keep glucose in check. As all conventional medicines are only looking at glucose, hyperinsulinemia is missed and after 10 or 20 years when the body becomes so resistance to insulin, and this is the stage where most conventional medicines fail to keep glucose in control.

The best way to say goodbye to diabetes is to never say hello to diabetes


Reversing diabetes